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    Zilpah village situated on the north side of the Umm el Fahm altitude of 225-175 meters. From the North – East Village is bordered by Givat Oz, north of Megiddo Regional Council and the south – west of Umm Al-Fahm. Until 1967, the border with Jordan had 1,600 yards south of Zilpah.

    Number of residents is approximately eight thousand people.

    The village was founded some three hundred years ago by immigrants who came from al-Fahm, processes, Zayta, Qablan and Ramana.

    The location of the village stands above its surroundings, and gave the residents the ability to defend themselves. Place called residents water and fertile soil pastures which were a major source of livelihood of the residents.

    Prior to 1948, houses were built with straw and clay coop designed to close and dense with reasons of protection. Family division and affiliations reflected scattered houses.

    Residents drew water from springs close by primitive means, and the village had basic services such as schools, clinics, roads, local government, banks and the like.

    In the following period there was a change at the level of individual lives, when the villagers went to work in the fields of Jewish and neighboring communities, putting their income and taught them many skills and advanced, which are exploited to develop their lives in a variety of areas.

    Groundwater are plentiful in the village of Zilpah, which they are discharged as springs scattered around it, in the middle of the village flowing stream a tributary stream which is called the famous “Wadi Lmktm” and call this tributary Wadi Zilpah, whom his stream is seasonal. And north of the village goes another stream which gathers the Mayo village Musmus, Mushirfa, Bayada, and its water pouring in Wadi section.

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