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    Musmus is an Arab village which is on the axis of the Wadi Ara area of ​​the northern triangle. And is considered the first village settled near Umm al-Fahm on Route Wad up until Allg’on, the first families who settled in the village are members of Bashir Issa Alagbari members, and then doubled the number of residents and increased so much that it was the number of people in 1931-256. And in 1940 came to 316, all Muslims, the mukhtar of the village is the first Haj Mahmoud Ismail.
    Musmus located in the south east of the area Alrohh away 4 km north east of the town of Umm al-Fahm, and Wadi Ara road divides it into two parts:
    Part of which is located in Al-roha.
    And the other on the slopes of the Umm al-Fahm.
    Height village is about 400 m above sea level. The estimated population in 1922 (222) people at the end of 1940, about 340 people, and in 1961 reached (650) people., And today they are almost (6500) people
    All residents are Arab Muslims, most of the villagers belong to the family Ighbarieh and Mahagna village is the birthplace of the Palestinian poet Rashid Hussein known. Village is the local Municipal Council Sheikh, who participate in this Council Musmus, Zilpah, Salem, Mushirfa, Bayada.
    There are many interpretations of the name, some say that the name is a misrepresentation of the name of the Pharaoh Thutmose II, who conquered Palestine and came on to John, and a statement that the source of the name is a replica of an Egyptian village where Egypt which bears the same name.
    City Musmus from the modern period around 1830 and the family lived Musmus Mandate belonged to families of Umm al-Fahm:
    The Ighbarieh: (Dar Muhammad Bashir, Qasim al-Bashir, Al Bashir Assad Dar Abu Shihab).
    Mahagna: (Al Jaber al-Ahmad Dar Al Deir, Dar al-Sharqawi).
    And Hamid (the Abu Taher).

    Mandate village did not have any school, and the children received basic education by Sheikh Farid Abu Alian Umm al-Fahm, and followed is Sheikh named Omar Alblaaoi, father of Hakam Balawi, who was is Sheikh teacher Bkotab Village Lbtimat and moved from Musmus in the 30, who finished Kotab and wanted to complete his education in school in Umm al-Fahm “Al – Amir” and then go to high school in Jenin.
    The end of the British Mandate residents began to build the first mosque in the village always signifies the same village and is considered the most important facility in any city, but construction was not completed until after 1948. Mukhtar of Musmus Mandate Salih Mahmoud Ighbarieh, then Haj Haj Khaled Mahmoud.
    Musmus jurisdiction of the Mandate period to 6000 which was deployed in the mountains Al-roha and Imsor Marj Ibn Amr (Emek yezrael).

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