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    Muawya village

    Muawiyah Village is an Arab village located north Al-roha area 6 km from Wadi Ara and 7 km from the city of Umm al-Fahm in the West, and it belongs to the district of Haifa today, belonged Mandate Jenin district. The village is located at an altitude of 225 meters above sea level.
    The village was named Muawiyah for  A righteous man who named sheikh Muawiyah and when he was died people buildet for him A tomb and temple in his name, the village is divided into two neighborhoods western and eastern, in 1996 the village joined the Council Basma local village population numbers around 3,000, finds the residents is Umm al-Fahm and belong to two large families: MHAMID and Ighbarieh
    The village was bombed in 1948 by Israeli forces, forcing residents to flee to the mountains and the environment and a few months, the residents returned to their village, where it re-lived in the village of refugees fled to neighboring villages like Lbtimat, Lboishat, H’ovizh, al-Kafrayn, Sabbarin, village land characterized qualitatively good and land, and the number of those who peruse these and rivers largest spread in the village, so you could see that most of the residents worked in agriculture and increased their land many kinds of grains such as wheat, barley, chickpeas, lentils, and vegetables that have plenty of water, tobacco, and some people made a living animal breeding because it was possible to find areas of grazing open and rich country, and some people were working outside the village. c in the building industry and everything about him, many peasants suffered confiscation of their land or the announcement of the areas belonging to zones of closed military zones, which were confiscated large sections of agricultural land, which caused the abandonment of land by farmers and residents, and were looking for work outside the village, and left work on the land, and all land planted with olive trees, and went to work in the construction, outside the village.
    The village is characterized by clean air and green area around him considered her lung green area of ​​Wadi Ara, and in the spring the entire area is painted green and the area is filled with different flowers and a green surface, the size of the different plants to the springs and rivers as hyssop, track, rose, H’ovizh, Seba, mint, Homayed, Drihem and more., and because of its location between the Al-roha proliferate in rivers whose water flows all year round, and the same springs numerous and around the village such as Ein Muawiyah, Algdran, Alghmh, Cox, Algorfa, eye Alsgra, Bir Abu Foda, Bir Alnsva , Braque, Nigel Benjamin, refrigerators if Algozlan, Alshachbra.

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