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    Moshirfa village

    Village Mushirfa is an Arab village which is located in the northern triangle on the Wadi Ara. So named because one of its hills overlooking Marj Ben Amer. (Emek yezrael), the village is considered one of the villages belonging to the villages surrounding the town of Umm al-Fahm, which is far from two kilometers to the south, and is far from the city of Nazareth about 20 km to the north, and – 35 kilometers from the city of Haifa north, it has a population of about 3000 people belonging to two families: Jabbarin who inhabit the village at the bottom, and the Ighbarieh, which inhabit the upper country, but with time the two neighborhoods connected to each other, a village famous neighborhoods are,, leaking, Manshiyyah, Allachrva and Albiada but with the passage of time neighborhood Albiada disengaged from the village and became a village separately. middle of the village there is a spring of water which would provide all residents of the village to dried up in recent years., and just 3 pounds meters from the village had a water fountain which was called Ein Alhg’ R (a kind of stone) which was used to irrigate land in the village agricultural Bank and the owners live., and was used also as a place of recreation and picnic villagers. fountain still flows but the amount decreased. near the spring growing edible plants such as mint, Balfour, Almrar, and others. village annexed to the State Israel Israel under an agreement Rhodes in 49, which was annexed in which all areas of the triangle, and became part of the population of the new state residents hold Israeli citizenship. receive state services in all sectors of the village suffered deplorable infrastructure and space construction is allowed in the village is a bit relative to the size of the village, like all villages other nearby Wadi Ara area of ​​the village lacks many social institutions and recreational areas.

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