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    Ein El-Sahla

    Is a small Arab village located on Mount Al-Khataf, which overlooks the Wadi Ara Northern Triangle (Arab) 48. Population of the village has about 2,000 people, some of whom lived at the down of the mountain, while others preferred to live up top of the mountain. The number of people in the neighborhood about 350 meters underground, and the rest are residents of Ein Al-sahlha Alfoka (Upper).
    In 1996 it joined to the two villages Barta and  Muawiyah and established regional council as (Basma) which represents the short three names of the villages. In 2009, Zidane Zidane was elected village president Ein- Al-Sahla of the local council.
    The village got this name in relation to the spring of water, characterized by the refreshing taste and ease of reaching him and achievement. Middle of the nineteenth century some of the tribe were able to KABAHA who were living in the village to the West Bank will process this spring. In order to find water and pasture for them and their flocks and then settled near the spring and son put their homes and the first mosque (Abu Bakr Al-sidik) in 1973, and the mosque II (Mosque Al-Huda) in 1989, and built what school football field and all it takes individual name to live.
    This small village is characterized by the spectacular location and nature humming due to the village and attracts tourists the most important site in this village is the point that separates the upper village the village at the bottom, in this place there is a huge carob tree which benefit from residents and sit under its shade. The residents together with the Council established in a huge circle which called him (D’awaba) where it is attributed to mother and grandmother to the lower village. From this site you can see the amazing Hermon in the north when the sky is clear of any fog dew, so that you can see also see the nearby town of Umm al-Fahm, Nazareth, that look like a jewel shining brightly at night.
    Clear days can see over the top of the village charm of almost the entire coastal plain, Hadera and Netanya, Herzliya and Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv Holon, and sometimes you can see the University of Haifa in northern Israel.

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