Welcome in the archives of Umm al-Fahm, And Wadi Ara
  • Work journey

    This work and journey include visualized personal interviews, filmed during interviewing group of elderly, as well as collecting old documents and pictures, which link the region with its previous history and era.

    Umm al-Fahem Art Gallery Director and initiator of the project, Said Abu Shakra, has been working to develop and supervise the project.

    Professor Mustafa Kabha has great merit as an academic and professional consultant for the development of this archive.

    Guy Raz, an artist and photography historian, is the curator of the permanent historical exhibition in the showroom, who also had largely contributed to providing the exhibition and the archive with rare materials documenting the history of the region; in land, people, and time.

    A staff of professionals with solid experience in documentation and archiving is employed in this archive, consisting of project coordinator Mr. Mohamed Hani, Ms. Leila Khaled Jabarin, and Iman Samih Eghbaria.

    It is worth noting that a big professional staff of photographers working in creative and artistic photography, led by Mr. Amar Younis, photographer participating in the permanent exhibition, photographers Yoav Levy and Shai Aloni, Wijdan and Khaled Abu Fa’our, are also working on this project.