Welcome in the archives of Umm al-Fahm, And Wadi Ara
  • Press conference in preparation for the opening of the exhibition “Memory and Geography” – December 12th, 2012


    :More than twenty local and foreign journalists had met in a press conference with the participating artists

    Nasreen Abu Bakr, Fouad Aghbarieh, Ammar Younis, Abed Abdi and Salim Abu Jabal (curators of Fouad Aghbarieh and Nasreen Abu Bakr exhibitions, respectively(

    At the opening, Said Abu Shakra had provided a detailed explanation about the exhibition, the participating artists, and the idea behind it. Guest journalists had toured the exhibition, accompanied by the artists and art supervisors, where objective discussion on the works displayed took place.

    The opening ceremony took place on Saturday, December 12th, 2012, in the presence of the Ambassador and the Cultural Attaché of France, Cultural Attaché of Italy, Sheikh Khaled Hamdan Umm el-Fahm mayor, and a group of local and international artists.

    Artist Said Abu Shakra stated: “We wish to rap up 2012 activities with this unique event which has the potential to elevate the status of Umm el-Fahm and the gallery, together with visual art field and Arab Palestinian artists. In this occasion, I call on all residents of Umm el-Fahm to communicate and interact with the Art Gallery events and programs, which brings the best for this city.”

    Allenby occupies Lajoun

    As part of its drive to collect important and historical material on Wadi Ara region and Umm al-Fahm, our archive had received a filmed from 1917, which was filmed during First World War, with its theme focusing on British General Allenby occupying the Lajoun area, where a critical battle between British and Ottoman armies took place.

    The film is now being shown in the exhibition “Shadows of Time” dealing specifically with elderly of Wadi Ara, and soon will be uploaded to the website in order to allow all the web visitors to watch and benefit from its c

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